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Wholesale Supply To Doctors & Clinics

Phoenix, a leading supplier of weight loss supplements, offers doctors and clinics across the country the opportunity to receive FREE bundle product samples. The catch? They only have to pay for shipping. This allows medical professionals to try out Phoenix's innovative products without incurring any upfront costs. By providing doctors and clinics with these free bundle product samples, Phoenix is taking a bold approach to market strategy. They understand that the medical community plays a crucial role in endorsing and recommending supplements to patients who are struggling with weight management.

Offering these products at no cost allows physicians to gain first-hand experience with Phoenix's offerings before making any purchasing decisions. This unique approach not only builds trust between Phoenix and the medical community but also potentially leads to long-term relationships. Moreover, this offer also benefits patients on their weight loss journey. As doctors become more knowledgeable about these supplements through testing them out themselves, they can confidently recommend them based on firsthand experience. Patients will be assured that their healthcare providers are recommending products they truly believe in and are willing to use themselves.

Register for a Wholesale Account

Are you a doctor, a business owner, or a clinic looking for an easier and more affordable way to source products for your store? Registering for a wholesale account could be the answer you've been searching for. By creating a wholesale account, you will gain access to our exclusive price list, discounts & offers that aren't available to regular retail customers.

Interested in a wholesale account and be able to order online! Click the link below to register for a wholesale account or contact us today!

To set up an account you must do one of the following.
A. Register for a Wholesale Account (must have a valid State & DEA license). 
B. Give us a call at 1-855-642-6725 and we will send you an ordering packet information.

Our Products on Wholesale for Doctors/Clinics

Premium Weight Loss & Energy Supplements

Liquid Supplements

Phoenix weight loss and energy supplements have become a popular choice for wholesale distribution to doctors and clinics. Unlike traditional pills or powders, liquid supplements are easier to consume, absorb quickly into the body, and provide faster results. This is one of the reasons why Phoenix weight loss supplements in liquid form are in high demand. These liquid supplements contain various natural plant based ingredients that promote fat burning and metabolic function, allowing users to achieve their weight loss more efficiently. Wholesale for doctors and clinics also have special attractive discounts and offers on bulk orders.

Pills & Gummies

This Wholesale option by Phoenix offer medical professionals a convenient way to provide effective weight loss solutions without the need for extensive research or development. One of the key advantages of Phoenix pills and gummies is their targeted approach to weight management. Thus the availability of Phoenix weight loss pills and gummies in wholesale quantities allows doctors and clinics to widen their reach and impact. This means they can prescribe these highly sought-after products at affordable prices, ensuring accessibility for those who may otherwise struggle with expensive weight loss programs or treatments. 

Transdermal Patches

Phoenix Nutrition has come up with the wholesale availability of these transdermal patches to present doctors and clinics with an opportunity for increased revenue streams while providing a valuable service to patients. By offering Phoenix weight loss and other patches alongside other treatments or services, healthcare providers can now cater to a wider range of patient needs and attract new clientele seeking innovative solutions for their weight management goals. Furthermore, by buying wholesale, doctors and clinics can take advantage of bulk pricing discounts, enhancing profitability without compromising quality care.

Phoenix OTC Products

Committed to Excellence

By offering OTC products on wholesale to doctors and clinics, Phoenix enables healthcare professionals to play a more active role in guiding their patients towards successful weight management. What sets Phoenix apart from its competitors is the dedication they demonstrate towards producing quality products that are trustworthy and effective. With a range of over-the-counter options available at wholesale prices, doctors and clinics can easily incorporate these solutions into their existing treatment plans for maximum benefit. Phoenix understands that every patient's needs vary, which is why they offer an array of products designed to address different aspects of weight management – from appetite control to metabolism boosting – all aimed at helping individuals achieve optimal results under professional supervision.